History About Bathroom Asbestos Removal

When asbestos is mentioned, what comes to mind for most Australians is how dangerous it is and the illnesses associated with it. This happens when you are exposed to asbestos, by inhaling its dust, which causes serious medical issues and even leading to death. The illnesses caused by inhaling asbestos containing materials for extended periods of time include asbestosis, which is a type of pneumoconiosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer.

So how did such a harmful mineral substance come to be used in buildings? Mining of this mineral substance (asbestos) is believed to have begun more than 4,000 years ago in a small scale manner. This small scale mining went on until the end of the 19th century, when people starting noticing that it had very high sound absorption, resistance to heat and affordability.

The beneficial aspects of asbestos led to its popularity among domestic home builders, especially after War II, in the 1950's. Building a stylish home became cheaper, because of the durability and affordability of asbestos sheets. Moreover, cement containing asbestos was commonly used as a cladding material in various areas within the house like the garage, shed, and rainwater gutters.

Years after it had become an attractive building substance and material, medical researchers noticed that there were so many people dying early and others developing lung problems in towns that it was being mined in. This led to many European countries banning usage and manufacturing of asbestos products where majority of its consumption was taking place.

Australia was one of the countries significantly affected, considering that it was producing 60% of asbestos materials. Moreover, use of asbestos fibers stood at 90% in the cement manufacturing companies. In the end, asbestos was entirely banned from its usage and manufacture in Australia in 2003.

Since homeowners now knew the dangers that they were being exposed to by having asbestos in their homes, it became necessary for them to have any asbestos substances and materials removed from their homes. This led to the rise of professional asbestos removal contractors who dealt with remodeling or demolition of asbestos houses.

These asbestos removal contractors are professionally trained people who know how to handle any asbestos material, including tiny asbestos fibers. If you want thorough and safe bathroom asbestos removal, it's absolutely necessary to have professionals do it for you.

In case homeowners discover asbestos in their homes, they shouldn't disturb it. There should be no drilling, screwing or anything that may disperse asbestos dust into the air; instead, a qualified professional should be called in to assess and remove it.

Many old homes In Australia have asbestos substances and materials in them. The removal of such asbestos is not only a delicate process, but also potentially harmful, because of the health hazards caused by airborne asbestos fibers.

That's why everyone involved in asbestos removal projects, including asbestos removal workers, assessors, and supervisors must fully comply with all training and competency requirements set out by the Model Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations. Take note that different professionals have varying levels of training and certification, which determine the complexity of asbestos removal they you can handle.
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