How To Identify A Professional Asbestos Removal Specialist

If you intend to engage the services of an asbestos removal company, you must ensure that they are properly qualified. This is especially so for friable products (asbestos containing material in powder form), since they can easily become airborne.

The most basic requirement for workers dealing with friable products is a class A license. Possession of such a license indicates that the professional possesses relevant knowledge and skills. A clear outline of such knowledge and skills is provided by the Australian Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

Characteristics of a Competent Asbestos Removalist
A competent worker must have in-depth knowledge of a wide range of aspects related to asbestos. These include:
- Awareness of different kinds of materials containing asbestos. In order to plan for the appropriate removal strategies, professionals should also understand the characteristics exhibited by asbestos within such materials.

- Effective prevention of health risks can only be achieved if the worker has a good understanding of the existing methods for assessing hazards.

- Understandably, professionals would be even keener to observe safety measures if they know of the adverse health effects caused by exposure.

- Since removal projects require involvement of all people within the vicinity, professionals must be fully aware of the potential health impacts to surrounding communities.

- A qualified professional should have all the equipment for, and knowledge of safe handling, decontamination and disposal techniques.

- A wide variety of regulations apply in such sensitive processes. One of which is the Work Health and Safety (WHS) policy; hence, workers should be well versed in the applicable procedures.

- Friable ACM (asbestos containing material) are particularly fragile, hence likely to suffer weathering, wear and tear. Professionals who understand such characteristics would effectively prevent cases of soil contamination during removal projects.

- Competent workers are always fully equipped with appropriate tools and equipment to be used during the project. Moreover, they should also possess the ability to use such tools effectively.

- Some varieties of equipment, such as excavators, would require special licensing requirements. A professional firm should always comply with such requirements.

- Workers must know how to properly handle enclosures. Such enclosures need to be properly inspected and air-tight.

- Applicable legislation and standards related to asbestos safety may be updated to meet new challenges. Therefore, professionals should be well versed in current safety standards, as well as disposal and decontamination requirements.

- It's important that people involved in the project understand general construction terminology, since removal projects would normally involve construction work.

- ACM exist in different sizes, shapes and forms, which requires personnel with experience in handling a wide range of materials. Some forms of ACM may include contaminated soil and pipe insulation.

- Competent personnel will always apply appropriate work area and work site procedures.

- Proper storage and waste management is just as critical as the removal project itself. This can only be achieved if proper safety standards are applied.

- Workers need to be aware of different enclosing techniques applicable to friable ACM. These include: large- and small-scale enclosures; negative pressure exhaust units; and encapsulation.

- Professional removalists will also have certified emergency plans.
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